As musicians, we see firsthand, the joy in the faces of children listening and dancing to live music, as well as people reminiscing when hearing their favorite tunes. We also know that music is a healer as we watch the joy it brings to those that otherwise couldn't afford to attend a concert.

We feel fortunate to give local musicians an outlet to perform in front of people from all over the globe. And maybe this is why tourist from worldwide has deemed the "Backyard Party Kings" a San Francisco Icon.

We realize that there are times when you are unable to donate, so we are providing an option for that missed opportunity

With your donation, we can continue providing services to our musicians and to create products such as music, CDs, posters, etc. With your contribution, we can keep bringing magical musical moments to the streets of San Francisco.

Thank you for making us the #1 Street Performance Band in the country and more importantly, thank you for all of your love and support!